These r my funny little guyz!!! thiz might not b fully up-2-d8 but I will add as i go!!!

HAL 9000

thiz is my main desktop !! Like a SICK ASS PHOENIX he came REINCARNATED from a cheap prebuilt. he haz 32gb of ram and is a decent gaming machine ^-^ I do most of my work on hal!!

hal 9000. a large black desktop with RGB insides


Craig is a Microsoft Surface Book!! I got him for my birthday in 2017 ^u^ this is his third iteration (i have had to get him replaced twice) he's a sweet creature but he's getting oald.. Poor thing is STRUGGLING!!!

Craig. a slick looking modern laptop that costs a bit too much. made to look pretty


Brick is an IBM thinkpad R52!! I got him for like 70 bux on ebay. he's the closest i could find to my FIRST EVER LAPTOP! (i believe it was an r51, so I got pretty close.) He runs windows XP and Ive done a couple drawings on him in photoshop 3.0!!! he's very fun to play with !!! he got his name from how HEAVY he was. it doesn't feel like that much anymore, but this boy is still HEFTY!

A hefty IBM laptop from 2005. It's starting up!


Wolf is a Compaq Prolinea 4/25s!! We had him laying in the basement. Luckily he wasn't damaged!!! he runs Windows 95!! I named him after Wolfenstein, though I haven't had a chance to play it on him yet :( once I get some good floppies (or one of them FANCY NEW CD DRIVES!) I'll def play it on him >:-)

A big beige crt on top of an equally beige box. it's off center.


Old server computer but it shows no signs of life.... Will update someday

A big beige box on a workbench. It does not work.


A small old graphing calculator I saw on Ebay. I love how square it is :3c

A small silver calculator. Incredibly rectangular.


A small adding machine that runs on batteries. I think i still need to get a new ink roll for it.

A small, black adding machine.


An electric typewriter I picked up at an antique store. Even had all its documents with it! works super well :-)

a beige electric typewriter inside its case. Though heavy, it can be carried easily.


A super old adding machine from the 40's I believe?? I still havent quite figured out how it works.

A large brown adding machine with bright green buttons.